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Social Inclusion – Society for all

"Social Inclusion – Society for all" Fund Soros-Kazakhstan for 2014-2018 in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"Throughout the world, the social integration of people with mental disorders is extremely relevant. Discrimination and stigmatization of people with mental disorders are the most significant problems in the field of mental health, the fight against them is among the priorities of the world Health Organization and the world psychiatric Association", – the press service of the Ministry of health and social development of Kazakhstan ("Issues of socialization of citizens with mental health disorders discussed in Almaty" 29.05.2015, Kazakhstan Today).
Currently, the situation of people with mental disorders in Kazakhstan does not meet the standards and indicators of developed countries. The creation and implementation of alternative services aimed at the social integration of persons over 18 years of age with mental health disorders is in its infancy. In each region of Kazakhstan there are medical and social institutions, where people with mental health problems are in hospital, that is, in conditions of segregation.
The country has long overdue the need to create conditions for the social rehabilitation of people with mental disorders and replication of successful Kazakhstan and foreign experience in all regions of Kazakhstan. Issues of development of alternative services and social integration of citizens with mental health disorders in Kazakhstan are relevant and important for all stakeholders.

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